Low Density


Aluf Commander Super Hexene Bag-15x9x31, Black,Reg/Butene

Offers superior, unsurpassed stretch. Can comfortably withstand both sharp and heavy objects without causing zippering or straight-line tears. Their outstanding strength and tear resistance makes them ideal for both commercial and institutional use. Manufactured from a premium grade super hexene resin, these bags feature star sealed bottoms for leak-proof strength, and are packed in a handy dispenser carton.  500/cs
Manufacturers Item #33-5BK

Aluf PG/NY Bag - 15 x 9 x 31, 1.2 gauge

A consistently steady favorite, PG6 and NY extra-thick bags are dependably strong. These traditional strong, heavy-duty bags are Aluf's highest volume items. These bags are composed of black opaque recycled film. Both the PG6 and NY bags come gusseted and individually folded and are available in a complete range of gauges. Packed in a cube style carton, it stores comfortably in tight quarters and comes in an easy-to-use dispenser box.  500/cs
Manufacturers Item #PG6-3320

Aluf T-Series Liners

Provides leak proof star seals and convenient packaging. These individually folded bags are black opaque and made from Aluf's specially blended, recycled film. With great performance for tough jobs, they are packed in white easy-to-use dispenser boxes. Environmentally friendly. Made from blended recycled plastic.

Berry Eco-Choice® PG6 Black Liners w/Recycled Resin

Polyethylene black can liner with a heavier gauge. Contains post industrial recycled resins. Provides average puncture/tear resistance. May also be a good fit for your "green" or "sustainability" programs as they contain a predominately recycled content. Easy flat folded dispensing. Flat seals for added strength. Sizes and gauges to meet any need. Black.