Molded Fiber Bowls


Berkley Square Vegware™ Bagasse Bowl - 12 oz.

Made from bagasse, the waste fiber from pressing sugarcane. Food safe and non toxic. Heat tolerant up to 400° F making it suitable for the freezer, oven, and the microwave! Heavy duty, superior in strength and performance, water/oil resistant, and completely compostable.  500/cs
Manufacturers Item #1368007

Sabert® Green Collection Square Catering Bowl - 80 oz.

Molded fiber pulp compostable base.  50/cs
Manufacturers Item #42110800D50

Sabert® TerraPac® Molded Fiber Pulp Oval Burrito Bowl

Grease and moisture resistant. Perfect for a broad range of food applications. Will look great on your table, while remaining compostable. 9" x 6" x 1.5". Use lid: 5497SV300.  300/cs
Manufacturers Item #497BB300

Sabert® Green Collection Pulp Round Bowl - 12 oz.

We combine sustainable design with exceptional performance, using pup that comes from sugar cane fiber, one of the world's most abundant annually renewable resources. Table-ready and designed to withstand any condition, from freezers to ovens. Grease and moisture resistant, perfect for a broad range of food applications. Use lid: 51201F1000.  1000/cs
Manufacturers Item #42112F1000N