Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Betco® Fastdraw® Dispenser System

Extremely easy to install. Simple to change or replace product. Instantly primes, when disengaged product drains back into container, no cross-contamination. Numbered and color coded for simplified use and training. Flick of lever gets either bottle or bucket fill solution. Small convenient product rack holds up to four products.  ea
Manufacturers Item #91043

EnvirOx Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner/Green Spray Trigger Only

Easy pull trigger sprayer.  ea
Manufacturers Item #8-550-SP

EnvirOx® Gallon Pressure Sprayer

Manufacturers Item #8-590

EnvirOx® Blend Buddy II For H2Orange2 117

Includes dispenser, installation kit, instruction, wall charts, MSDS and literature.  ea
Manufacturers Item #8-252-117

EnvirOx® H2GO™ Portable Dispenser - H2Orange2 117/Fresh

Now you can dispense EnvirOx™ concentrates on the go! Manufactured by RD Industries and is a simple, reliable solution for dispensing EnvirOx products anywhere, even on the go! 1 dispenser, 2 dilutions. Simple to use. Proven reliability. Closed system. Color-coded knobs for light and heavy duty dilutions. Flow lock for filling mop buckets and autoscrubbers. Simple screw-on bottle attachment. One medium flow rate of 2 GPM.  ea
Manufacturers Item #6-252-1