Paper Plates and Platters


AJM Coated Smooth Wall Paper Plate - 9"

Grease resistant. Renewable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. 4/125.  4/125/cs
Manufacturers Item #CP9AJCWWH14

AJM Gold Label Coated Paper Plate - 6"

Grease resistant. 12/100.  12/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #CP6GOAWH

Aspen Easy Way Uncoated Paper Plate - 6"

For basic everyday use.  10/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #10106

AJM Gold Label Paper Plate - 9"

Compostable. Eco-Friendly. Sustainable. Renewable. Made from 100% paper a renewable natural resource. Microwave safe. Use everyday for hot or cold foods, meals or snacks.  10/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #CP9GOEWH

Aspen Easy Way Uncoated Paper Plate - 9"

For basic everyday use.  12/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #12100

Aspen White Coated Paper Plate - 9"

Medium weight.  10/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #13109

Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® Clay Coated Paper Plate-9"

Symphony™ design. Deep Well Geometry. At least 50% stronger than a standard 9" plate and provides added security against spills. Nonabsorbent Coating helps keep sauces and liquids from soaking into products, reducing customer complaints. Renewable Resources, made with 99% plant-based renewable resources. Paper products manufactured by Dart Container are certified to the SFI® standard, which promotes responsible forestry management and fiber sourcing. Meets ASTM D6868 standard for compostability. Compostable in a commercial composting facility which may not exist in your community. Not suitable for backyard composting. Third-party Certified By Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and on the Cedar Grove list of accepted products. USDA BioPreferred®. Symphony™. Medium Wt.  4/125/cs
Manufacturers Item #MP9-J8001

Dixie® Ultra® Pathways™ Paper Plate-10.125",Wise Size

Moisture resistance, grease resistance, dry and wet rigidity make Dixie Ultra® Plates engineered with mulitlayer design one of the strongest paper plates on the market. Shaped to have a better hold on food and stand up to the weight of almost all food types. Tough, grease resistant coating will not soak through and resists knife cuts. Microwaveable. Go from the microwave to table with ease. Environmentally Friendly, can be processed in commercial composting operations where commercial composting is available.  4/125/cs
Manufacturers Item #SXP10PATH

International Paper Medium & Heavy Weight Plates

Available in various sizes.